Computer designed and labeled circuit board. Wiper bands are nickel plated for durability.

Exclusive routed fiberglass frame is separate from the circuit board electronics. This allows for inexpensive upgrades in the future by simply replacing the circuit board.

"E"lectronic auto reset brake and power fuses with reverse diode protection for reliability.

High amp transistor design is virtually maintenance free.

Acu-Pivot trigger pin with trigger ball bearings are standard! Ball bearings keep the wiper button firmly in contact with the wiper bands with zero trigger side play even after years of racing.

New remote cable design takes the heatsink weight off the main wires. Use the supplied track hanger to hook the heatsink over the side of the track.

All our designs can be serviced, repaired or upgraded by any racer. No returning to the factory, like other controllers! This is important if you want to avoid other manufacturers costly repair bills or if you are in another country.

Genesis HD30 controllers feature a thin maintenance cable design and our fantastic E.S.P. brake relay for excellent full brake response.

Genesis controllers are positive polarity only. Please see our Dual Polarity section if you need dual polarity.

Ease of maintenance: Your Difalco controller will give you years of trouble free service with a minimum of Clearly written instructions are included. The open frame design makes routine cleaning quick and easy.

Service and support: Complete troubleshooting instructions are included so in the unlikely event a problem should occur racers can quickly diagnose and fix most problems with readily available, inexpensive repair parts. If you ever need assistance, Jim at The Design will be there with his 45 years of slot racing knowledge for advice or to service your controller.





DD284: Neo Controller: A great low cost controller that can be upgraded in the future. 17 band design uses a screwdriver adjusted blue sensitivity pot to tune the controller to your type motor. Fiberglass frame and ball bearing trigger are standard! Gray multiconductor cable connects the handle to the heatsink that hangs from the track panel for a super light handle.  For Falcon, 16d up to G12 motors.  $165.00

DD285: Neo Plus Controller: The same construction as the DD284 controller but with our full function sensitivity rheostat added.  $189.00




DD267: Fanatic Controller:  Our new low priced controller now has a 17 band controller design with a new multi range adjustment pot. The sensitivity range has been slowed down to better match Falcon,16d up to G15 type motors. An adjustable Fanatic type pot allows the racer to shift the band sensitivity range to match their type motor. Economy brake rheostat. 12 ga. wires with BLAST full power relay are standard. $228





Genesis Fanatic controllers feature a Hybrid cable design using 14 ga. wires for the brake circuit braided with thin control circuit wires for a very flexible and lightweight handle. Full power is handled with our 40 amp BLAST relay and custom 12 ga. wires.


DD268: Fanatic Controller:  Our most versatile controller. Race multiple scales or wing cars with the same controller. This controller can run any car from homeset 1/32, H.O. up to the fastest G7 motors by adjusting the Fanatic pots with a twist of a screwdriver. Economy brake rheostat, Blast power relay and 12 ga. wire. $243

DD269: Fanatic Controller: All the features of our DD268 model but with the heavy duty 3 ohm Pro brake rheostat.  $299





Genesis HD30 controllers feature a thin multi-conductor cable with our innovative E.S.P. (Extreme Stopping Power) brake relay, plug in 30 band network design and 40 amp full power BLAST relay.

E.S.P. Relay: The relay is located on the heatsink/transistor assembly just 1’ from the hookup studs for reduced brake circuit resistance. The relay is activated by a tiny slide switch on the main circuit board and bypasses both the brake rheostat and the brake fuse for the lowest resistance possible. The E.S.P. has diode protection to prevent it from turning on in case of incorrect hook up. The E.S.P. relay is activated by the wiper board even before the trigger reaches the normal brake post. This turns on the relay earlier for better braking response.

30 BAND NETWORK: HD30 controllers feature our 30 band design with our exclusive plug in network circuit board. Miniature plug in circuit board allows racer to change the overall band resistance to best suit the type of motor used and their driving style. Networks allow our controller to run any scale from 1/32, H.O. to the fastest G7 motors. See the network section for available optional networks.

MULTI-CONDUCUCTOR DESIGN: Thin multi conductor cable design between the handle and heatsink unit. Unlike other cable designs our E.S.P. relay guarantees excellent full brake response.


DD270: Genesis HD30 controller: 30 band controller with economy brake rheostat. Our most popular model. Comes standard with 148 ohm HD30 network (medium response) installed which is best suited for 16d and G12 motors. Optional plug in networks let the racer tune their controller for any car from 1/32 homeset to the fastest G7 motor. E.S.P. brake, blast relay and 10 ga. wire. The E.S.P. brake relay gives the economy rheostat the same full braking performance as our Pro rheostat!  $274

DD271: Genesis HD30 controller: 30 band controller with upgraded 3 ohm Pro brake rheostat. Comes standard with 148 ohm HD30 network (medium response) installed which is best suited for 16d and G12 motors. Optional plug in networks let the racer tune their controller for any car from 1/32 homeset to the fastest G7 motor. E.S.P. brake, Blast relay and 10 ga. wire. $328




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