NEW! drag power unit                           Drag choke selector                                           DD425                                       







Full range sensitivity rheostat - complete control over glue and run speeds for 16d to G7 motors.

Exclusive fiberglass frame is separate from the circuit board electronics. This allows for inexpensive upgrades to new designs in the future.

Super high amperage transistors - 3 or 4 transistor designs handle more amperage for increased reliability over other brands.

Transistor design means no high power on the wiper bands and is virtually maintenence free.

Fused transistor output and reverse diode protection.

Nickel plated circuit board won't tarnish.

Adjustable trigger dead band position lets you increase or decrease the distance before the first power band to reduce possibility of a red light.

Ball bearing trigger reduces friction and keeps the wiper button firmly planted on the bands for consistent operation.

Controllers feature custom 10 or 12 ga. wire to get all the power to the track. Do not be fooled by other manufacturers who give you 12 ga. stereo wire with thick insulation!






DD420: DRAGTROLLER PRO CONTROLLER - UPDATED FOR 2018! Our Dragtroller Pro controller with silver power contact, heavy duty trigger shunt and NEW longer 12 gauge wire get to the power to the track. Ball bearing trigger. This controller features our classic 3 transistor design with the transistors in the handle. $198


All the controllers listed below have our new drag design. These controllers now have a transistor power unit located close to the track with a thin lightweight cable to the handle. The remote power unit circuit board features our new 4 transistor design with 100 continuous amps of power handling making it the most reliable controller on the market. Our new battery holding system with on/off switch holds everything securely. 120 amp full power relay with 10 ga. wire.

New wider dead band zone allows the trigger position to be adjusted closer or farther away from the first band to help reduce red lighting and improve your reaction time consistency. Push-button glue rollout is standard.

DD425: DRAGTROLLER T.Q. CONTROLLER - All new design with push-button roll-out gluing on our exclusive fiberglass frame. Ball bearing trigger. 120 amp full power BLAST relay with real 10 ga. wire!  On/off relay switch allows you to trim the top speed if needed.  $229 

DD430: ELIMINATOR CONTROLLER - A great bracket and index controller. All the features of the DD425 with our electronic choke system. Simple to adjust 36 power level design features a 12 position rotary switch in combination with a 3 position high/medium/low range selector. Unlike other designs our choke system is independent from the power levels set on the bands. This lets you maintain consistent power when leaving the line regardless of the amount of choke selected. When the trigger reaches the last band the power drops down to the level selected on the choke system.  $299

DD435: ELIMINATOR CONTROLLER W/ TRANSBRAKE - If you use a transbrake for certain classes you will love our new layout. 2 full size micro switches are mounted on the rear edge of the DD430 controller for ergonomic thumb operation. The transbrake can be used with full power operation (relay) or on reduced power using our 36 level choke system. Downshift feature (see below). All the features of the DD430 model are included.  $329

 “DOWNSHIFT” FEATURE: The transbrake switches can be used to “pedal” the car if desired to slow the car to avoid breaking out of your index or bracket time. Pedaling the car is used by racers when they are easily ahead of their competition to slow the car and make sure they do not lose the race on a breakout. Normally this is done by letting up on the trigger a few bands but here it can be done with the transbrake switches.


DD838: Drag Power Transistor. Replaces all drag transistors with our round silver or 2 or 3 black transistor design. Replacement power transistor for drag modules and controllers. New 3 transistor design has 50% more power handling capacity then our old design. Instructions included. $22.50

DD839: Drag Power Transistor. Repair kit for the new 4 transistor design, DD425,DD430 and DD435 models. $24.00