DD425 Controller                                                                                                  DD415 Module                               







Full range sensitivity rheostat - complete control over glue and run speeds for 16d to G7 motors.

Exclusive fiberglass frame is separate form the circuit board electronics. This allows for inexpensive upgrades to new designs in the future.

Super high amperage transistors - new 3 transistor design handles more amperage for increased reliability.

Transistor design means no high power on the wiper bands and is virtually maintenence free.

Fused transistor output and reverse diode protection.

Short stroke nickel plated circuit board won't tarnish.

Adjustable trigger rest position lets you increase or decrease the distance before the first power band to reduce possibility of a red light.

Ball bearing trigger reduces friction and keeps the wiper button firmly planted on the bands for consistent operation.

Controllers feature custom 10 ga. wire to get all the power to the track. Do not be fooled by other manufacturers who give you 12 ga. stereo wire with thick insulation!





DD410: DRAGTROLLER PRO MODULE - Simple to install layout for your turbo frame. Our new circuit board has custom routed slots that fit down over the turbo frame uprights! This design automatically locates itself vertically and horizontally. It sits about .070” lower so you don’t have to bend the wiper arm radically and allows the circuit board to lay perfectly flat. New in handle design has only three wires to hook up!  $64

    DD415: DRAGTROLLER T.Q. MODULE - All the features of the Dragtroller Pro, plus more. Momentary push-button allows you to glue car without using the trigger, no hunting wiper bands for the right glue speed. Push-button also has a small adjustment pot that can be used to shift the rollout sensitivity to get the best range for your motor.  $79





    DD420: DRAGTROLLER PRO CONTROLLER - Our Dragtroller Pro module. Silver power contact, heavy duty trigger shunt and 10 gauge wire get the power to the track. Ball bearing trigger.  $184

    DD425: DRAGTROLLER T.Q. CONTROLLER - Our Dragtroller T.Q. module with push-button gluing on our exclusive fiberglass frame. Ball bearing trigger. 120 amp full power BLAST relay with real 10 ga. wire!  $229