SERVICE WORKSHEET: Email Jim at askjim@difalcoonline.com to obtain our service worksheet before sending your controller in for service. Filling out the service worksheet helps me provide you with faster and more efficient service.

REPAIR SERVICES: We can refurbish your old controller to restore it’s original feel, performance and reliability. We can also repair your controller quickly to get you racing again. If you are having a problem with your controller please consult the troubleshooting guide first to help you find the problem. Most repairs are simple and can be done by the racer saving you money while quickly repairing your controller. All repairs include free adjustments, cleaning of contacts and inspection to look for any potential problems.

REPAIR PARTS: Repair parts should be available from your local raceway if you are a 1/24 racer. Please call or email Jim if you are having any trouble getting repair parts or need to order them direct from Difalco Design for faster service. If you are a 1/32, club or H.O. racer please contact Jim for parts.

SERVICE ESTIMATE: Call Jim for estimate on your repair or installation. We can usually solve your problem over the phone so you can purchase parts direct or from your raceway to make repairs. If you do need to send your controller in for service we will usually be able to return your controller within ten days on receiving it. Ask about faster service. Always include your name, address, phone number and an explanation of problem with controller. We provide a full invoice showing labor, parts and shipping costs.

SERVICE: Please contact Difalco Design directly for any repairs, upgrades or service for your controller. Do not have your raceway owner send in your controller for service, we prefer dealing direct with the racer. See the how to buy section for more information.

PAYMENT: Payment can be made using Paypal, money order, check, Western Union, bank wire or prepayment. There may be a fee for using Paypal, Western Union or a bank wire. Repairs will be sent A.S.A.P. when using Paypal or a money order. Checks will be held for 5 days to clear before shipping. On rare occasions I will accept prepayment if I have given you a repair estimate and any overpayment will be reimbursed. Please also realize that if your repair requires more work and goes over your estimate that we will hold the controller until payment is received.





UPGRADES: Our design allows for cost effective upgrades to any feature we have available. Almost anything you can think of to improve your slot racing experience and results. Below we have just a few ideas for upgrades. Contact Jim for price quote or information. We have special pricing if you combine upgrades at the same time.

30 band upgrade: Upgrade your older 10, 15 or 17 band controller to our new 30 band design. This upgrade is available for 1/24, 1/32 or H.O. scale. Installation includes 30 band circuit board, tune-up and return ground shipping. $94 for 1/24 and 1/32. $99 for H.O.

Genesis upgrade: Upgrade your 30 band Emotion controller (heatsink just below the handle) to our Genesis design. This upgrade is a great choice if you want to breath new life into your controller and bring it up to our new design. Everything below the handle is replaced using our new Genesis layout except for the transistor and the heatsink. You get a new power relay, wires, clips and our ESP brake relay system installed. Tune-up and return ground shipping is also included. Ball bearing trigger is required for proper ESP operation and is extra if needed. Certain very old heatsinks may need updating at a nominal extra cost as they are not compatible with the new design.  $108 for 1/24 and 1/32. $112 for H.O.

Genesis and 30 band upgrade: Combine the above two upgrades for a reduced price. We turn your old tired controller into a brand new one! We reuse the frame, trigger assembly, handle, heatsink, rheostats and transistor then build a new controller from scratch.  $180 for 1/24 and 1/32. $185 for H.O.

*Convert your controller from 1/24 to 1/32 to H.O. models if you switch racing scales. We have even done custom controllers with 2 brake rheostats for running two scales with one controller!

*Ball bearings, Pro rheostat, wires, alligator clips, Fanatic adjustable pots, mush button or new handles are some of the items we can install as upgrades.





We build custom relay bypass chokes for the top racers in slot racing. Wire chokes feature a rotary selector switch and bypass push-button for passing. Racers can select their foot setting of wire. We can retrofit your current controller or build one from the ground up. Retro-fitted controllers feature brand new wires and the heatsink is moved from under the handle to the choke box on the track panel. Contact Jim for information on all choke controllers.