DD228-10: BYPASS SWITCH KIT. For original 10 band Emotion controllers and modules. Used as mush button. Solders on rear edge of circuit board for easy thumb operation! Reduces sensitivity for pulling through glue zones after track calls and de-slotting. Saves laps. A must for wing cars on sticky tracks. Also replaces rollout switch in our older drag controllers with the red knob.  $15.50 

DD228-15: BYPASS SWITCH KIT. For all 15 band, 17 band Emotion and Genesis controllers and modules. Used as mush button to reduce controller sensitivity. Helps car pull through glue zones after tracks calls and de-slotting. Solders on rear or front edge locations on circuit board. Saves laps. A must for wing cars on sticky tracks. Switch can also be used on controllers with ESP brake relay to momentarily activate full brakes for any tight turn. Also replaces rollout switch in all newer drag controllers that have a silver nut as the knob.  $13.50




DD243: Fanatic Upgrade PCB. Convert your 10 band Pro Plus or Fanatic controller to our 17 band Fanatic design. Pots are already soldered to our 17 band Fanatic board. This design gives you the convenience of instantly adjustable sensitivity on each controller band with 310 ohms of total resistance. Adjustable to run anything from 1/32 scale to the fastest G7 car. Simple instructions included. $56.00

DD245: Fanatic Upgrade Pots. Kit includes 15) 20 ohm Fanatic pots to convert your 15 or 17 band controller with fixed resistors to a Fanatic model. Adjustable to run anything from 1/32 scale to the fastest G7 car. Unsolder and remove the individual resistors and solder the new Fanatic pots in place. Adjust with a small screwdriver. Simple instructions included.  $24.00




DD261: Genesis 30 band upgrade kit. Convert any 10, 15 or 17 band controller or module to our 30 band design. Simply unsolder a few wires and remove the old PCB. Transfer the original brake and sensitivity rheostats over to the new HD30 board. Now bolt the PCB to the frame and solder a few wires to their correct positions. Simple instructions included.  $62.00





DD277: D.I.Y. Frame, Wire and Ball Bearing Kit. New kit features our exclusive fiberglass frame and longer super flexible 14 ga wires (wires only carry braking current) from the handle to the heatsink module. Now includes our DD721 Ball Bearing kit w/trigger pin that eliminates any trigger side play and lightens trigger response with consistent wiper button tension. Use the trigger assembly, clips and handle from your old Parma controller, our frame kit and the module of your choice to build a factory style controller at a big savings. This kit is for DD273, DD274,DD275 and DD276 modules.  $52.00




DD402: DRAG “BLAST” RELAY - Really improves power delivered to track when added to Parma controller with stock wires. 120 amp (surge) relay soldered above clips allows power shorter current path for more power to your lane. Special 5 volt relay is powered by only one 9 volt battery (9 volt battery in no way adds power to track). Includes 14 gauge wire to add between relay and clips to reduce wire resistance in half. New hookup instructions eliminates micro switch when adding kit to our Dragtroller modules or controllers for simplest hookup possible.  $22.00

DD704: Blast Relay Kit. 40 amp (70 amp surge) high power relay installs easily on main wires. Includes instructions for Parma controllers as well as special parts and instructions for Difalco Design "E"Motion and Genesis Neo electronic controllers and modules. Text plus drawings make our kit easier to install than other brands! When activated the relay closes to allow a shorter current path through controller and more power to your lane! Improves power to all controllers, especially with stock 14 gauge wire. Kit also includes control wire and tie wraps.Kit now has 14 gauge wire to solder from relay to alligator clips to cut wire resistance in half compared to stock wire! Comparable performance to installing our 10 gauge wire kit! No one else gives you this wire. $14.98

DD719: Acu-Pivot Trigger Pin. Our new custom designed trigger pin makes it easy to take the side play and wobble out of your trigger. Simply screw our threaded pin to your turbo frame, install trigger, thrust washer and adjusting nut. Back off adjustment nut until trigger moves freely and you're done! Less trigger play means reduced wiper arcing, improved feel and consistent wiper tension for all controllers. Prevents the trigger screw from rubbing on the inside of handle. This is almost the best money you will spend on your controller. 3/card @ $4.00 each $12.00

DD720: Ball Bearing Upgrade Kit. Ball bearings, spacers and shims needed to correctly install ball bearings in older Difalco controllers or modules already using our DD719 trigger pin. Very easy to install. $11.98

DD721: Ball Bearing w/Trigger Pin Kit. This is the best money you will spend on your controller! Add ball bearings to any brand controller or older 10 band Difalco controllers. Removes all side play, lightens up the trigger response, and lets the trigger snap back to the brake contact while still maintaining excellent wiper button tension. This kit includes our threaded trigger pin needed to correctly install ball bearings in your module conversion on turbo frames.  $15.98





DD806: Pro Brake Rheostat w/knob. 3 ohm rheostat with off position, reducing washers and knob. Special hole reducing washer to easily upgrade from economy rheostat (3/8" hole) to pro brake rheostat (1/4" hole). For all 1/24 models as well as all other brand electronic controllers with economy rheostat.  $54.00

DD807: Pro Brake Rheostat. 3 ohm rheostat with off position. Replacement for all brands.  $50.00

DD814: Controller Trigger Shunt. Flat bare copper braid with terminal, much more flexible than tinned track braid, replacement for all Difalco controllers.  $3.00

DD830: Power Transistor. Large silver transistor used on 1/24 and 1/32 "E"Motion and Genesis electronic controllers and modules.  $14.00

DD835: Brake Rheostat Fuse. Will reset to normal operation after wrong hookup is corrected! Splices into brake line in handle on any brand controller. Great protection for your rental controller. Never buy a fuse again! 6/card @ $2.50ea, $15.00

DD836: Economy Brake rheostat. 5 ohm rheostat as used in 1/24 modules and controllers. Direct replacement for economy rheostat used by most electronic controller manufacturers. $14.00

DD838: Power Transistor. Drag. Replacement power transistor for drag modules and controllers. New 3 transistor design has 50% more power handling capacity then our old design. Replaces all drag transistors with our silver or dual black transistor design. Instructions included. $22.00

DD840: Sensitivity Rheostat. Replacement 50 ohm rheostat used on all 1/24 and 1/32 controllers.  $14.00

DD841: Knob. 1/4" replacement knob for all sensitivity and economy brake rheostats. Also for upgrading our DD284 and DD285 Neo controllers.  $3.50


DD904:  8'/10 gauge, 4'/14 gauge wire for controller upgrade. Do not be fooled by clear 12 ga. stereo wire that looks heavy duty. Our wire is super flexible and has a small outside diameter for easy wiring. Clear insulation makes the silver tinned wire look great. I recommend this wire for upgrading your Parma turbo. If you are installing one of our Genesis conversion modules on your turbo frame you should buy our DD277 Frame, Wire and B.B. kit instead of just upgrading the stock Parma turbo wire.  $18.95