NEO CONTROLLERS. 1/24, 1/32 and H.O. scale feature a new all in the handle heatsink design. 

NEO CONTROLLERS. Our new Neo design controllers are here for 1/24, 1/32 and H.O. scales. These inexpensive controllers have the same basic construction as our Genesis design with a twist. With many of the same features of our more expensive controllers that you would not expect for the price.

BALL BEARING TRIGGER KITS: Difalco Design is the only company to feature ball bearings in every controller. We have seen many other brand controllers that racers have tried to add ball bearings in place of the standard Parma oilites only to end up with expensive oilites! Ball bearings need to have a spacer on both sides against the inner race to have them spin properly. But with the stock Parma trigger pin it is impossible to lock the entire assembly down to the frame and remove all trigger side play. Our exclusive threaded trigger pin means you screw the pin to the frame first then install the ball bearings and add our adjustable nyloc nut to adjust the entire assembly for zero side play. See kits DD720 and DD721.

H.O. CONTROLLERS: Our new H.O. controller design is here. Smaller heatsinks and a separate transistor for independent coast operation are the biggest changes. Email Jim if you want to be the first to get one.

NEO 2 WIRE CONTROLLER. We also have a new Neo design 2 wire controller for our T-jet and Fray racers.