DD228-15: BYPASS SWITCH KIT. For all Genesis controllers with our ESP brake feature. Solders on rear or front edge locations on circuit board. Push-button switch is used on controllers with ESP brake relay to momentarily activate full brakes for any tight turn.  When released the controller returns to reduced brake level for faster lap times in wider turns. Only 4 solder joints.  $13.50





DD719: Acu-Pivot Trigger Pin. Our new custom designed trigger pin makes it easy to take the side play and wobble out of your trigger. Simply screw our threaded pin to your turbo frame, install trigger, thrust washer and adjusting nut. Back off adjustment nut until trigger moves freely and you're done! Less trigger play means reduced wiper arcing, improved feel and consistent wiper tension for all controllers. Prevents the trigger screw rubbing on the inside of handle. This is almost the best money you will spend on your controller. 3/card @ $4.00 each $12.00

DD720: Ball Bearing Upgrade Kit. Ball bearings, spacers and shims needed to correctly install ball bearings in older Difalco controllers or modules already using our DD719 trigger pin. Very easy to install. $11.98

DD721: Ball Bearing w/Trigger Pin Kit. This is the best money you will spend on your controller! Add ball bearings to any brand controller or older 10 band Difalco controllers. Removes all side play, lightens up the trigger response, and lets the trigger snap back to the brake contact while still maintaining excellent wiper button tension. (not for Professor Motor or Parma Sebring brand) This kit includes our threaded trigger pin needed to correctly install ball bearings in any brand controller. $15.98





DD330: Power Transistor. (square black transistor with 3 leads) for all Neo and DD302 controllers.  $9.00

DD336: Brake Rheostat. Replacement 25 ohm brake rheostat used on all 1/32 controllers. $16.00

DD814: Controller Trigger Shunt. Flat bare copper braid with terminal, much more flexible than tinned track braid, replacement for all Difalco controllers.  $3.00

DD830: Power Transistor. Large silver transistor used on 1/32 "E"Motion and Genesis electronic controllers and modules.  $17.00

DD840: Sensitivity Rheostat. Replacement 50 ohm rheostat used on all 1/24 and 1/32 controllers.  $16.00

DD841: Knob. 1/4" replacement knob for all sensitivity and economy brake rheostats.  $3.50

DD552: Traction Control Rheostat. 100 ohm rheostat used to adjust traction control power on DD304 and other models. Can also be used to upgrade any model with traction control feature. DD841 knob sold separately. Contact Jim for installation instructions if you are upgrading to this feature.  $16.00