Genesis dual polarity controllers feature a Hybrid cable design using 14 ga. wires for the brake circuit braided with thin control circuit wires for a very flexible and lightweight handle. Full power is handled with our 40 amp BLAST relay and custom wires. Ball bearing trigger. Simple dual polarity terminal design makes it a snap to change between positive and negative wired tracks. New remote cable design takes the heatsink weight off the main wires. Use the supplied track hanger to hook the heatsink over the side of the track.


DD278: Fanatic Controller. 17 band. Our most versatile controller. Race multiple scales or wing cars with the same controller. This controller can run any car from homeset 1/32, H.O. up to the fastest G7 motors by adjusting the Fanatic pots with a twist of a screwdriver. Economy brake rheostat, Blast power relay and 12 ga. wire. Dual polarity.   $266

DD252: HD30 controller. 30 band controller. Upgraded Pro brake rheostat with new 3 ohm resistance for wider range for scale racing. Full power relay with 10 ga. wire. Comes standard with 148 ohm HD30 network (medium response) installed which is best suited for 16d and G12 motors. Optional plug in networks available. Dual polarity.  $352