Incredibly well made both mechanically and electrically to stand up to your rental customers worst abuse. Forget about the expense and time wasted constantly changing resistors and dealing with mechanical and wiring issues. This controller features the same construction as our regular controllers. Fiberglass frame, single gray muliticonductor cable, reverse circuit protection as well as brake and power auto reset fuses are standard. Our ball bearing trigger keeps the wiper buttom firmly planted on the bands and reduces friction for less fatigue for your younger drivers. The heatsink hangs from the track panel which keeps the heat away from the customer and makes the controller handle very comfortable to hold.


Try just one controller and see how soon it pays for itself with time and repair cost savings. Don't believe me? Contact Mike (614-274-5150) at Tom Thumb raceway for his testimonial! He was my first rental customer 4 years ago and loves them. Mike installed the heatsinks under the track to keep the heat away from the customers. This also has the added benefit of making the handle section less likely to be stolen as it will not work without the control unit.


DDRental4 Please remember you must factor in your track discount for your actual price!  $149 list.


Call or email Jim for more information and pricing. Volume pricing for 8 controllers is available.